Toronto Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

Real estate is a major financial investment for individual homeowners and commercial enterprises. For this reason, any dispute over the terms of sale, rights of property or other breaches of contract can end up in litigation. Because of the gravity of what is at stake, legal representation must be strategic and executed with the end goals of the client in mind.

Matthew R. Harris is a Toronto litigation lawyer whose real estate practice serves business owners and families throughout Ontario. Matthew provides targeted advice and advocacy tailored to the goals and objectives of each client - whether the dispute is over a family home, development project or other commercial property.

Your financial investment is at stake during a real estate dispute. The right lawyer can help you achieve the result you need. Trust Matthew R. Harris to represent you.

As a commercial litigation, insolvency and corporate lawyer, Matthew has complementary legal areas of practice that contribute to successful client representation. Among the legal issues at the centre of real estate litigation include:

  • Agreements of purchase and sale
  • Failure of buyer or seller to complete the sale
  • Seller misrepresentation of property conditions
  • Adverse possession
  • Power of sale and mortgage enforcement
  • Fraudulent conveyance
  • Lending and financing

In many real estate cases, therefore, there may be a breach of contract where one party fails to uphold its end of the bargain. Or, the sale may appear to proceed smoothly, but issues with the property arise soon after it has changed hands. In all cases, Matthew can offer the legal services you require to resolve the dispute.

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