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Startmyplan.Ca Limited v. Tu Linh Thai and Torian Trading Ltd. 2021 ONSC 7794 (CanLII)

Bankruptcy of Vittorio Vetro (re) 2021 ONSC 7276 (CanLii)

Re Johansen Bankruptcy 2021 ONSC 5241 (CanLii)

Mahrouh v. Gheisary 2021 ONSC 4598 (CanLii)

Par-Tek v. Dunwin Ltd. 2020 ONSC 7197

Bindaas Capital v. Chen, 2020 ONSC 2313 (CanLII)

Re Bonneau, 2020 ONSC 3897 (CanLII)

Carey-Patel v. Carey, 2019 ONCA 144

Re Monica Lilli Imlau(2018)

Carey v. Carey, 2018 ONSC 4564

Kolokythas, Re (2018)

In re: Winston Isaac Williams (2017)

Mikal-Calladan Construction Ltd. v. Kim (2017)

Recent Publications

The Fresh Start Principle: Bankruptcy Discharges and Prov Debts, Toronto Law Association, June 2014

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation: What does it Mean for You and Your Organization, Volume 18 (2014), Issue 3

Software & Information Industry Association, What You Need to Know about the Canadian Anti-Spam Law, Part Two, Presenter, June 2014

Harris, Matthew. What is the Duty of Care Owed to Creditors in Canada (2015)

Harris, Matthew. Bankruptcy Discharge: A Right or a Privilege ( 2015 )

Harris, Matthew. Cross-Border Consumer Insolvency (2015)

Harris, Matthew. Short Thesis: The Intersection of Bankruptcy and Family Law (2016)

Harris, Matthew. Is Canada particularly vulnerable for misuse in money laundering and terrorist financing.: Especially from Lawyers. (2017)

Harris, Matthew. Does Mandatory Mediation Work: Should Judges be Mediators and Triers of Fact (2017)

Speaker, "Insolvency Filings 101," OBA Professional Development Webinar, August 19, 2020

Speaker, "Ontario Consumer Part I/II Technical Update", CAIRP, August 2021