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Bindaas Capital v. Chen, 2020 ONSC 2313 (CanLII)

Re Bonneau, 2020 ONSC 3897 (CanLII)

Carey-Patel v. Carey, 2019 ONCA 144

Re Monica Lilli Imlau(2018)

Carey v. Carey, 2018 ONSC 4564

Kolokythas, Re (2018)

In re: Winston Isaac Williams (2017)

Mikal-Calladan Construction Ltd. v. Kim (2017)

Recent Publications

The Fresh Start Principle: Bankruptcy Discharges and Prov Debts, Toronto Law Association, June 2014

Software & Information Industry Association, What You Need to Know about the Canadian Anti-Spam Law, Part Two, Presenter, June 2014

Harris, Matthew. What is the Duty of Care Owed to Creditors in Canada (2015)

Harris, Matthew. Bankruptcy Discharge: A Right or a Privilege ( 2015 )

Harris, Matthew. Cross-Border Consumer Insolvency (2015)

Harris, Matthew. Short Thesis: The Intersection of Bankruptcy and Family Law (2016)

Harris, Matthew. Is Canada particularly vulnerable for misuse in money laundering and terrorist financing.: Especially from Lawyers. (2017)

Harris, Matthew. Does Mandatory Mediation Work: Should Judges be Mediators and Triers of Fact (2017)