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Understanding Creditor and Debtor Rights

Many creditors in Canada hire third-party collection agencies to collect a debt. Having your debt turned over to a collection agency can be a nightmare. It is not uncommon for collection agencies to harass debtors and use dishonest, threatening, and other unfair (and illegal) practices when attempting to collect a debt.

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Pay Day Loans...the Debt that keeps on Giving

On almost every bankruptcy and proposal that passes by me, I see multiple pay day loans. Cash this, money that, they all have creative signs, funny dancing mascots, promised promotions, and spiffy commercials.

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Bankruptcy Options – how will this affect my credit?

There is no question that I get asked more in my practice then when can I get more credit. Clients Young and Old, male and female, all want to know how long will this bankruptcy or proposal effect my ability to obtain credit; and when can I get more credit?

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