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Real Estate Litigation Lawyer in Toronto, Ontario

When you become involved in any kind of real estate purchase, you’ll want your proceedings to go smoothly. In the event that your sale does run into issues, however, it's crucial that you enlist the expertise of an experienced professional to help you gain the outcome that you desire. Matthew R. Harris is a Toronto litigation lawyer whose real estate practice serves business owners and families throughout Ontario, providing targeted advice and thoughtful advocacy that is tailored to the goals and objectives of each client. Whether the dispute is over a family home, a development project or other commercial property, Matthew has the experience and drive to help each individual or business resolve the issue at hand in a satisfactory way that achieves their personal goals.

Why hire a real estate litigation lawyer?

Real estate is a major financial investment for individual homeowners and commercial enterprises. For this reason, any dispute over the terms of sale, rights of property or other breaches of contract can end up in litigation. Because of the gravity of what is at stake, legal representation must be strategic and executed with the end goals of the client in mind.

We know that real estate is frequently a very personal purchase, often marking major milestones in life as young families purchase their first home and retired couples decide to downsize or move closer to their children. It can also be a major purchase for many small and large businesses as owners secure retail space or buy property as part of a larger commercial project. That's why, when a real estate purchase becomes complicated or problematic unexpectedly, a dedicated and reliable professional must be on hand to help you navigate the situation and understand the legal complexities.

How can a real estate dispute resolution lawyer help you?

Real estate is a bustling and dynamic economic sector that affects and involves individuals and companies throughout Canada. As such, it requires legal expertise to resolve disagreements over a property.

There are few purchases in life, whether personal or for business purposes, that are as significant as acquiring a piece of property. Your financial investment is at stake during a real estate dispute. Not only is the real estate itself at risk, but you could also get tied up in years of real estate litigation and paperwork as two or more parties fight over their rights and obligations with a piece of property.

Not only is this exhausting and time consuming, but it can also rack up to be an extremely expensive and drawn-out process. In these cases, you need a lawyer who can assess each situation clearly and objectively, offering the clearest advice on how to proceed quickly, efficiently and smoothly in order to achieve the best results for you. This will save you time and money over the long term, in addition to ensuring that your dispute is resolved in the most effective way possible for your specific case.

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What are the specific areas that a real estate litigation lawyer covers?

One of the main benefits of selecting the expertise offered by Matthew R. Harris is that he is an experienced barrister and solicitor who has practiced extensively in a wide variety of legal areas. In particular, as a commercial litigation, insolvency and corporate lawyer, Matthew has complementary legal areas of practice that contribute to successful client representation. Among the legal issues at the centre of real estate litigation include:

  • Agreements of purchase and sale

  • Failure of buyer or seller to complete the sale

  • Seller misrepresentation of property conditions

  • Adverse possession

  • Power of sale and mortgage enforcement

  • Fraudulent conveyance

  • Lending and financing

In many real estate cases, therefore, there may be a breach of contract where one party fails to uphold its end of the bargain. On the other hand, the sale may sometimes appear to proceed smoothly, but issues with the property can arise soon after it has changed hands. In all cases, Matthew can offer the legal services you require to resolve the dispute in the fastest and most effective way possible. Due to his years of experience in the legal field, Matthew is aware of all of the possible pitfalls and nuances of the real estate litigation process.

Matthew combines his experience in a wide area of legal areas, with a friendly approach that always prioritizes listening to the client's specific needs and concerns and then ensuring that they are addressed thoroughly. If you've run into unexpected issues with a property purchase and require a real estate litigation lawyer, Toronto based residents and businesses can trust Matthew R. Harris to represent them to the highest standard.

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Regardless of the specific issue that has arisen with your property purchase, the right lawyer can help you achieve the result you need. Trust Matthew R. Harris to provide you with thoughtful and accurate legal advice, as well as to represent you or your firm to the best of his ability. While real estate litigation can prove to be a stressful experience for buyers and sellers alike, Matthew strives to provide a personalized and dedicated service that makes the process as fast and smooth as possible.

If you're in the GTA and would like to hear more about Matthew's services or book a consultation about a real estate dispute, contact the office to make an appointment. You can call (426) 733 8778 or contact us online. Matthew looks forward to using his expertise to assist you with your real estate concerns and secure a positive outcome.