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Corporate Law Lawyer in Toronto, Ontario

If you are looking for a corporate lawyer, Toronto-area businesses should contact Matthew R. Harris today to discover how they can benefit from a dedicated corporate lawyer with years of legal practice in a wide variety of commercial areas. There's no better legal firm when it comes to offering a rigorous approach to corporate law that is both friendly and accommodating.

Why might I need a corporate lawyer?

Running a successful business, whether it is a small family firm or a large corporation, is a complex operation that frequently requires the expertise and advice of an experienced corporate lawyer. Over the years, business owners usually require ongoing legal advice to ensure smooth commercial operations at all times.

You might need input on the startup phase of founding a new company. Or perhaps you routinely require a professional’s legal knowledge and expertise during your firm's everyday trading processes and procedures. On the other hand, your business could end up in a situation where it finds itself in a dispute with another party and you might require corporate litigation services. During these busy and occasionally challenging times, your firm will benefit from being able to turn to a dedicated legal representative who has your company's best interests in mind and who offers a wide range of legal services to cover all of your business' specific needs.

Rather than opt for different individuals with varying levels of experience and competence, companies will always do best to trust one law firm to be their resource for legal services that prevent and resolve conflict. By selecting one corporate lawyer who has demonstrated a reliable history of acting in his clients' best interests, businesses can save themselves time and money over the long term and benefit from building a trusted relationship with a highly experienced legal professional who puts their interests first.

How can Matthew R. Harris' corporate law services benefit my business?

If you're running a commercial enterprise in the GTA, you’ll most likely require comprehensive legal services at some point during your operations. Matthew R. Harris is a corporate lawyer in Toronto whose practice is devoted to commercial litigation and business law.

With years of experience in these specific fields, Matthew is dedicated to ensuring that his clients' businesses benefit from all of his expertise in order to ensure their smooth operations and the seamless resolution of any corporate disagreements. He also has the advocacy skills to advance your firm's cause in court with passion, dedication, precision and the right legal knowledge to prevent any unwanted disputes from occurring -- right from the outset.

In keeping with his extensive experience in the area of corporate law, Matthew provides a wide range of legal services to Ontario businesses. He offers tailored legal advice to companies, both large and small, in addition to understanding how legal processes can affect different types of firms in divergent ways. It is this combination of nuance and precision that makes Matthew such a highly sought after corporate lawyer in the GTA. Matthew prides himself on offering a personalized service to all of his business clients, combining a friendly and understandable approach with a thorough and rigorous work ethic and attention to detail.

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As part of his regular law practice, Matthew provides independent legal advice on documents such as contracts, agreements, leases and financing arrangements for his corporate clients. In addition, a sampling of the work he performs includes:

  • Articles of incorporation

  • Drafting of contracts

  • Partnership agreements

  • Shareholder agreements

  • Employment contracts

  • Contractor agreements

  • Legal services for not-for-profit organizations, such as societies and charities

  • Contract review

  • Commercial real estate transactions

  • Loan agreements

  • Corporate record keeping

  • Asset sale agreement

  • Share purchase agreements

  • Buying and selling of businesses

The legal need for a corporate lawyer isn't just reserved for one area of business -- it is a necessary component of everyday operations for a vast number of firms in Ontario. Matthew serves business clients from a variety of sectors including sales, consumer services, manufacturing, retail, commercial real estate and financial services. His broad knowledge of business is an asset to all clients whose legal needs are diverse and ongoing. This breadth of experience in corporate law throughout a range of different business sectors ensures that his clients have a legal representative who has the expertise and precision to help achieve their desired outcomes and ensure the smooth running of their legal affairs.

In particular, Matthew is committed to growing his law practice along with small businesses whose legal needs will change as business strategy shifts to accommodate growth and to enter new markets. Matthew takes great care to stay informed on all of the latest changes in the legal and business fields that will impact firms as they continue to grow and expand. If you are looking for a small business lawyer, Toronto area organizations can reach out today to find out exactly how Matthew can provide a quick and efficient solution to your specific legal needs. Matthew is dedicated to providing an intuitive and responsive service that takes your firm's specific requirements and growth goals into consideration.

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If you're an established firm in need of new, reliable legal representation, or a small business or startup looking for a dedicated and understanding corporate lawyer, Matthew R. Harris can provide the right legal services for you. Whether you're in need of independent legal advice about your firm's business contracts and documentation or you are a passionate advocate who can represent your company during a dispute with corporate litigation services, you can rely on Matthew to provide thoughtful, efficient advice and always fight your corner in court.

To speak with Matthew R. Harris about our firm's corporate law or commercial litigation services, call us at (416) 733-8778 or contact us online for a consultation. Matthew would be happy to meet with you and discuss your company's specific legal needs and business goals as your firm grows and expands.