Toronto Corporate Lawyer

Business owners and operators require ongoing legal advice to ensure smooth business operations. Companies do best to trust one law firm to be their resource for legal services that prevent and resolve conflict.

Matthew R. Harris is a corporate lawyer in Toronto whose practice is devoted to commercial litigation and business law. He has the advocacy skill to advance your cause in court and the legal knowledge to prevent disputes from occurring.

Matthew provides a range of services to businesses in Ontario. He provides independent legal advice on documents such as contracts, agreements, leases and financing arrangements. In addition, a sampling of the work he performs includes:

  • Articles of incorporation
  • Drafting of contracts
  • Partnership agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Contractor agreements
  • Legal services for not-for-profit organizations, such as societies and charities
  • Contract review
  • Commercial real estate transactions
  • Loan agreements
  • Corporate record keeping
  • Asset sale agreement
  • Share purchase agreements
  • Buying and selling of businesses

Matthew serves business clients from a variety of sectors including sales, consumer services, manufacturing, retail, commercial real estate and financial services. His broad knowledge of business is an asset to all clients whose legal needs are diverse and ongoing. Matthew is committed to growing his practice along with small businesses, whose legal needs will change as business strategy shifts to accommodate growth and to enter new markets.

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