Lawyer For Ontario Corporate And Consumer Insolvency

Insolvency law is unfamiliar to most consumers and businesses until it affects them. The process of restructuring can be extremely detail-oriented with tight deadlines to meet. Whether insolvency affects you as a corporate owner or as an individual, hiring the right lawyer to guide you through the process is essential to make sure it is done correctly.

The legal practice of Matthew R. Harris is largely devoted to matters of bankruptcy and insolvency. If you are a trustee, corporation or individual in the Southern Ontario region, the firm can assist you.

Often individuals and owners who find themselves in financial difficulty do not know the full range of their legal options. The advice of a lawyer with both a corporate law and an insolvency practice can be particularly beneficial to clients in such circumstances.

Matthew R. Harris is one such adviser, as an adept lawyer for corporate and consumer insolvency in Ontario. Specifically, the firm offers a range of services that include:

  • Corporate trustee services
  • Registrations for trustees
  • Discharge hearings
  • Hardship applications
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Bankruptcy proposals and proposal revivals

Depending on the circumstances of each client, Federal or Provincial Ontario laws may affect how insolvency proceeds. Matthew R. Harris will work with you to make the process clear and focused on the best result in your situation.

Contact The Firm

If you need to declare bankruptcy, the firm may be able to refer you to a Trustee in Bankruptcy. Consult with Matthew R. Harris to learn what your next steps should be given your financial situation. To make an appointment, call 800-690-8492 or contact the firm online.