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Matthew R. Harris has years of experience providing dedicated and responsive commercial litigation services to his clients to facilitate the best possible outcome. He works tirelessly to prevent lengthy disputes where possible, as well as to serve as a strong advocate and champion for his clients during unavoidable legal action.

Regardless of the kind of business that you operate and whether you're a shareholder, director, officer, or interested party, you'll know that commercial litigation disputes can arise for a range of different reasons and your firm must have a highly respected and reliable legal representative. Your business and its assets have great value, which is why it's important to ensure that your firm is given appropriate and thorough legal advice when faced with a disagreement between yourself and another party.

With an experienced legal representative such as Matthew R. Harris on your side, you can ensure that you give your business the best chance of securing a quick and seamless resolution to any dispute that you might face.

What is Commercial Litigation and How Can it Affect Your Business?

Commercial litigation refers to the resolution of business disputes. For parties to enter into such a conflict, there is often a great deal at stake on both sides.

In addition to financial consequences, a serious legal conflict can result in potential harm to the public reputation of a business. While some businesses can withstand a monetary loss on one occasion, it can be much more challenging to overcome a negative public image and press coverage. These consequences can be much more enduring and cause your business to suffer ongoing unwanted commercial effects through the loss of clients.

Fortunately, a high-quality commercial litigation lawyer can work to ensure that your business experiences the best possible outcome in your specific situation, thereby minimizing all of the negative effects that can arise from legal action. An experienced solicitor will be able to use their knowledge of the legal framework to help you navigate through your firm's specific dispute. They can then provide a resolution that will protect your business and its commercial interests.

By taking the time to secure a committed and proactive commercial litigation lawyer, you can save your business both time and money in the short and long term.

Matthew R. Harris Law P.C. proudly serves clients in Hamilton, London, and the greater Toronto, Ontario area, as well as Ottawa.

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Why Select Matthew R. Harris as a Commercial Litigation Lawyer?

Matthew R. Harris, Barrister and Solicitor, takes all risks into account when creating your strategy in a business dispute. This includes considering a business's financial interests and making decisions that will protect your firm's public image going forward. When consulting with his clients, he takes planned steps to achieve the desired result in any court case or legal proceedings that your business might face. Matthew prides himself on listening carefully to his clients' needs and concerns, as well as developing an approach that accounts for all aspects of a case and satisfying his clients' queries and interests.

If you're seeking a dedicated and responsible commercial litigation lawyer, Toronto area businesses can turn to Matthew R. Harris for all of their legal needs. As a business dispute lawyer in Toronto, Matthew can represent you in court or alternative proceedings, such as mediation or arbitration.

Disputes are often settled in private, which enables both parties to come to a satisfactory settlement. Whatever your firm's specific concerns and the nature of your dispute and its proceedings, Matthew R. Harris can use his expertise and in-depth understanding of the Canadian legal system to assist you throughout the process.

What Kind of Disputes Can We Help Your Firm to Resolve?

Commercial litigation covers a wide range of business disagreements, both in terms of the types of disputes and the different parties that a firm might find itself in a legal altercation with during its time trading in the GTA. Ontario businesses can also engage in litigation with other enterprises, consumers, and regulatory authorities. As a result, each type of case brings a unique set of business and financial concerns to the table. It's crucial to ensure that your firm secures a legal representative that has both the experience and comprehensive knowledge of the law to engage with your specific dispute and help your business secure your preferred outcome.

Matthew R. Harris provides representation on:

  • Commercial landlord and tenant disputes

  • Insolvency and bankruptcy litigation

  • Debt collection

  • Creditor and debtor rights

  • Receivership remedies

  • Real estate litigation

  • Contract disputes

  • Partnership disputes

  • Shareholder disputes

  • Oppression remedies and minority shareholder actions

  • Partition actions

  • Powers of sale

  • Construction litigation and liens

  • Civil litigation

  • Mediations and Arbitrations

Dedicated to offering full legal services to corporate law clients, Matthew R. Harris is a trustworthy resource to businesses in the GTA for dispute resolution and corporate solicitor work. Through ongoing consultation with clients, he can take proactive steps to prevent disputes. His thoughtful and precise approach can help your business avoid unwanted, protracted disagreements from the outset.

When disputes do occur, however, he is a steadfast and successful advocate. He always considers every aspect of your case to ensure that your firm is given thorough and personalized legal advice. He also undergoes all measures to meet your business' specific needs and protect your commercial interests and public reputation.

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If you've been looking for a commercial litigation lawyer near you, Matthew R. Harris is ready to provide immediate answers to all of your business' legal concerns. Whether you require comprehensive advice in advance of a possible legal dispute or are seeking dedicated and responsive representation during your firm's upcoming commercial litigation proceedings, Matthew can quickly provide you with the advice and expertise that you require during this time. His services are designed to help you secure the best possible outcome, protecting both your valuable time and your firm's resources and public reputation.

To consult with Matthew about his commercial litigation services or corporate law practice, contact us today for more information about our available options. Call us or contact us online to schedule a meeting and secure high-quality legal advice.

Matthew R. Harris Law P.C. represents clients as far as Ottawa, as well as London, Hamilton, and throughout the greater Toronto, Ontario area.