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Contract Disputes Lawyer in Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Contract Dispute Lawyer

In its simplest form, a contract is an agreement between two parties. Agreements form the basis for most financial transactions and economic activity; for this reason, contracts are at the centre of most commercial litigation disputes. As a corporate lawyer in Toronto with contract disputes at the centre of his litigation practice, Matthew R. Harris is adept at achieving client goals for resolution.

Breach of contract cases are rarely straightforward. Your lawyer must know the law and know your business. Speak with Matthew R. Harris to see how he can represent you.

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Commercial activity in Ontario is broad and contract litigation crosses sectors into many different industries. Matthew R. Harris represents owners from throughout the economic spectrum, in cases that involve contract disputes such as:
  • Service and supply contracts

  • Commercial leases

  • Financial service contracts

  • Construction and development contracts

  • Joint venture agreements

  • Shareholder agreements

  • Partnership disputes

  • Corporate disputes

  • Nonpayment disputes

Most business owners seek expedient resolution to any conflict, so as to avoid interruption of business activities and negative publicity. Matthew's commercial litigation strategy takes into account each client's overall goals, not restricted to the outcome of the case. Reaching agreement prior to trial or participation in mediation, arbitration or other out-of-court process is sometimes best from a legal — and a business — perspective.

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Matthew R. Harris maintains both a corporate law and a commercial litigation practice. To learn more about how the firm can assist in the prevention of conflict with competitors or consumers, contact the firm. If you need representation for a contract dispute, make an appointment by calling or contacting the firm online.